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14 April 2013 09:03

Yesterday, April 13th the Society board met in a scheduled meeting.

As previously stated, the Society Board has been in discussions with both our supporters’ clubs committee (DFCSCA) and the Dark Blue Business Trust (DBBT) regarding a way to proceed, with the intention of making the Society as inclusive as possible to all supporters groups. These discussions are still ongoing. The Society Board intimated an intention to hold a Special General Meeting (SGM), and hopes to formally announce a date for this meeting shortly, however recent correspondence received means that this meeting cannot now take place for at least one calendar month, and a provisional date has been set for Sunday May 26th, this will hopefully be confirmed shortly.

Further, the Society is planning an interim election to supplement the number of directors currently in position, and will loo

k to begin this process as soon as possible, with elections results being announced in mid-June.

With regards to recent communications, Elliot Davie reported a number of members had recently contacted the Society with a view to viewing the members register, however the Society will seek guidance on the data protection ramifications, and until such guidance has been received, has taken the decision that members may only view their own personal data.

Our next board meeting is scheduled to take place on Sun 21st April, and an update will be posted as soon as possible after that meeting. Minutes of our most recent meetings are currently being prepared and will be posted on our website shortly.

The society continues to seek ways to improve communications with all groups, as well as individuals, and is happy to receive recommendations on ways to improve things, suggestions can be sent via the ‘contact us’ button on this page.


the last part re improve communications is an absolute laugh

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