Dfcss directors take to the road

27 September 2013 02:26
q+a. Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be in a DFCSS board meeting? Ever thought about what business is dealt with by the board; what issues arise and how they’re resolved; who asks what sort of searching questions and who answers them? Well, you need wonder no more. The board have made it known that as individuals they’re willing to attend DFC supporter club meetings and/or events, whenever practical and possible, and make themselves available for on-the-spot, impromptu Q & A sessions.


Mike Jeffries set the ball rolling when on Friday 20th September he attended a Quiz Night held by Forfar Dark Blues.


“It was a great night out,“ said Mike, “boisterous at times and full of fun and good natured banter. My wife Florence and I were made to feel very welcome by FDB committee members Roddy and Carol Findlay, and together with dyed in the wool Dark Blue fan Scott Dunn we made up a team of five for the quiz.


“The event was a great wee earner for the club, with their coffers boosted by some £287 by the end of the night, and needless to say there was plenty of football talk on offer. It was good to meet club Chairperson Mary Coyle too, who kindly thanked my missus and me for our support.


“By the way, modesty forbids me from saying which team came out on top in the quiz and landed the prize of a £30 bar voucher!”


If you would like one of the board to attend one of your meetings or events, why not contact us on our website and put in your request? One or other of us will do our best to come a-calling!

Source: Dundee Mad