dfcss chairman part 2

06 November 2013 08:16

There will be 4 places available on the Society board come the AGM. Due to one of the outdated rules of the Society (Rule 64) a third of the board members have had to resign before the AGM. This means two Society board members have had to step down. The same rule stipulates that one of the two has to be the longest serving board member, and in this case that’s Dave Forbes. Dave stood for re-election at last year’s AGM, whereas the other 6 elected members were voted on as recently as the same day in August 2013. Dave will, however, stand for re-election. The second member to resign wasn’t easy, but - after much debate - Mike Jeffries volunteered to step down and stand for re-election.


The club Board of Directors informed the Society of the skill set required for the second Society Director; this was an architect. With this in mind, Bob Hynd was invited to meet with the Society board. Although Bob is known to other Society board members, it was the first time I had met him and it didn’t take long for Bob to show that he would be a real asset not only to the Society but also to the club. Bob was immediately co-opted onto the Society board and will stand for election at the AGM. By co-opting Bob it meant that he could be immediately proposed as the second Society Director on the club board.

Source: Dundee Mad