26 July 2013 05:24
telling us lies again This lot really are testing the patience of the fans ,it appears they would sell their grannys to hold on to their blazers     More lies

The written reason given on Mr Forbes letter (sent out with voting forms) for not hearing the complaints against messrs Forbes, MacDonald and Keith at the upcoming SGM is; ".in order that the Society Board has a quorum following an election and the SGM." But, with SIX new directors being elected and only five required for a quorum and with the new directors being able to co-opt as required (IE from people who don't get voted in but who wish to be in the committee) then there is NO CHANCE of there not being enough directors in place - even if messrs Forbes, MacDonald and Keith were voted to be expelled from the Society. There would be six directors in place and new directors could have been co-opted there and then from unsuccessful candidates to replace them if required. This would have been the perfect opportunity for them to address the complaints against them and then let the members present decide what should happen. Once again, this time when an SGM is actually taking place ( as oppsoed to them cancelling it) , they have come up with a lie to stop the members debating their conduct. Once again - shameful

Source: Dundee Mad