dfcss appeal

09 June 2012 02:08
for volunteers

once again kenny is asking for helpers to spruce the oldl ady up in time for the up comming season,anyone who can help get in contact ith kenny v


After the success of last close season's "Maintenance Day" at Dens, both the Supporters' Society and Football Club Boards are delighted to announce a similar event.

The event will take place on Sunday 8th July, from 11am to 2pm, and is open to all volunteers aged 14 and over.

There are a wide range of jobs to be done that will help the Club improve the look and feel of Dens Park for the friendly against our neighbours and the start of the new season.

A few examples of the challenges include:

Removal of weeds and general debris both inside and outside the ground Refreshing of paintwork, including hand rails and stair noses Removal of weeds and general vegetation at the rear of the South Enclosure Cleaning of seats

If you can bring your own equipment this would be appreciated:

Wire brushes/steel wool Paint brushes/rollers Rakes Hoes Yard brushes

At previous events held during 2011, we had help from over 50 different individuals, it would be fantastic if we could match or even surpass this number this year.  If you are willing and able to attend, please e-mail Kenny Valentine, our volunteers' coordinator, to confirm (confirmation of attendance greatly helps plan the event).The Club will open a hospitality area to provide the volunteers with refreshments.