DFC football for

30 September 2013 08:37
for less than 34p a day

Not many weeks have gone by since the election that brought together the current board of directors of Dundee FC Supporters’ Society, and already significant strides have been made to restore the fans’ trust in the Trust.


The focus of our relationship with our football club — whose board of directors has of course also in recent times undergone major changes — has moved from “what can we get?” to ”what can we give?”. DFCSS’s income is derived from the fans of our football club, and we’d like to emphasise that no longer is the DFCSS board primarily intent on increasing its share holding in the club. Now, first and foremost, is the time for turning our attention to what we, the supporters, can give to the club in however many different ways.


It goes without saying that money is the fuel driving every football club. The main revenue of DFCSS is DFCTV, the means by which all Club Dundee members can view video highlights of our matches soon after the referee has blown the final whistle. It’s great to be able to relive the most exciting moments of a match by logging into the site, and there’s the added bonus of seeing and hearing interviews with players, archive archive matches, and much more. 



Source: Dundee Mad