DFC football for part 2

30 September 2013 08:42
less than 34p

While the membership of Club Dundee is on a sound footing, it has remained fairly static in recent times and we urge all supporters who are lapsed members — and all who have yet to experience the fun and excitement of being subscribers (a tenner a month is all it costs; that’s less than 34p a day!) — to contact us on the DFCSS website or by speaking to any of our DFCSS directors, all of whom are making themselves readily accessible and will welcome having a chat with you.


The fact is, the membership of Club Dundee is essential. Not only is the money it brings in the life blood of the supporters’ society, it’s also good for the continuing wellbeing of our football club and brings tangible benefits to the club in the form of both cash and kind. That will be very much in evidence this afternoon when we will take great pleasure in giving the club a cheque for £12,472!


The response of Bill Colvin, Chairman of DFC, on hearing the news was, "The club Board are very grateful for the on-going financial support from Dundee fans provided through the Society which helps fund a significant part of the essential capital expenditure work required around Dens Park. This club is very fortunate indeed in having such a loyal, knowledgeable and supportive fan base who have supported our great club both on the terraces and financially over many years.


But that’s not all. The society board is currently looking at a number of projects that will be of direct benefit to both the football club and its supporters—one such benefit being improvements to the afore-mentioned DFCTV, news about which we’ll be pleased to announce in due course. Meanwhile, we would ask you to remain patient as we work away at strengthening the bonds with everyone associated with Dundee Football Club.and ensuring that you can trust in the Trust.  




Mike Jeffries MBE





dont think there is much that you can get for 34p a day in all fairness,obviously a great buy for the ex pats without a doubt

Source: Dundee Mad