Dee promotion lottery

18 November 2013 08:01
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Although Doug Johnson  joined the Dee Promotions Lottery on Day One, until very recently he had been unrewarded with a win. But a couple of weeks ago his luck changed. Doug, you see, is filled with dogged determination, so he stuck with it for all this time and his perseverance finally paid off with a wee consolation £20 windfall. “That’s it,” he thought. “That’s my once in a lifetime win.”

But not so! As it turned out, that was just the Lottery setting its sights on Doug and having a practice shot! And the very next week it hit the bullseye, leaving Doug to hit the jackpot with his winning entry! Not only that, the icing on the cake for Doug was that he got to tread on the hallowed turf last Saturday - the day when DFC’s youngest ever player to score at top team level, Craig Wighton, notched his first goal for the first team in our 2-0 victory over Raith Rovers. So between seeing history being made and collecting his cheque for £1,490.60, that was quite a day for Doug.

When asked a couple of days later what he would spend his winnings on, Doug laughed and said he’d spent it already. Thanks to his great good fortune, he and his wife and a couple of friends have booked a weekend in Glasgow in the New Year with a visit to the theatre to see West Side Story thrown in.

Take note fellow Dees! It just goes to show what can happen when you take part in the Dee Promotions Lottery! And of course you can’t win it if you ain’t in it, so if you’d like to sign up for a chance to have you being the one to follow in Doug’s footsteps and collect the jackpot, please contact Alison McQueen or Niccole Ney on 01382 884450, or drop into Main Reception at Dens Park.


Source: Dundee Mad