Dee Mad posters back Barry to get it right

26 August 2012 12:43
A fair summary from Sally C

"I'm genuinely saddened to read folk subtly, and not so subtly, suggesting he should go.The man worked miracles to galvanise our club in our time of need and somehow managed to overturn the 25 point deduction. In his first full season we finished 2nd only to the team who run away with the league and went almost the whole season unbeaten, that 2nd place finish then got us promoted.Right through all the attempts to kill our club, this man stood shoulder to shoulder with us and won battles we had no right to win. Whenever things looked bleak, he would do and say the right thing to keep us believing.Now, at the first sign of the man starting to get a few decisions wrong and having to learn quickly to adjust, are we still standing shoulder to shoulder offering him the support and encouragement he offered us when we needed it? Or are we turning our back on him when he needs us most.He maybe doesn't have a great eye for a player yet, and he could make subbies earlier, but he also did everything in his power to make sure we still had a team to complain about this season.Now more than ever, Smith needs our full support, and it's the very least he deserves from us."