Dee fan relives Anderlecht away trip part 3

29 August 2013 06:27
as it says

He came ploughing back along the row shoving people out the way to sort me outbut the dfc 4,1 viictory win over the belguim champshad just impowered mr withrediculous bravadoand it was all shanklys the euphoria of an incredible triumph i could never imaginemy self being so indestructablebut two dundee fans were more realisticthan me andbundled the muscles from brusselson his way while i slipped out to the bus.

my mother would neverbelieved my storyif id gone home with a black avoided being beaten upbut i did get robbed by film star terry thomaswhen making the triumphant bus journeyback to the airport after the game,

it wasnrt really the film starbut someone on the bus christened him that as he drew alongside the bus standing up in his red sports car,the absolute cad with his cravat and cigarette holder usually had his eye on someone elses girlfriend in the 50's film comedies but this playboy terry was more interested in my split new dfc scarf hanging out the window.i watched him reach up andone quick swipe later he was speeding off into the mist waving it like i had been doing an hour earlier.i suspect he wore it at some expensive brussels nightclub to impress the ladies,who like a man with style

Source: Dundee Mad