ceo on spl part 1

19 July 2012 04:11
latest from our ceo for those who cant follow a link to the offical


Dundee FC Online caught up with CEO Scot Gardiner and he expressed his delight, in particular for the fans, at Monday's invitation for the club from the SPL.

GREAT NEWS"It was great news for the club, great news for the players and most importantly great news for the fans.""They've had seven years of backing their team through thick and thin in the first division - some pretty thin times and some pretty hairy experiences - one of the first things we all thought about here was this is amazing for the fans, that's absolutely genuine - it's what they deserve.BUDGET"Towards the end of April we had set a budget for the coming season, that is a budget that covers the business side of the club and a budget that covered how much we could use on the playing side."The football side of it was basically brought to a halt, we'd gone out and signed the targets that we had identified but still had three or four we were hoping to bring in, but when it became apparent that the Rangers thing was unfolding as it was, and in our minds we were pretty confident that it was going to be us that were going up, we stopped everything dead."Although we were saying that we were trying very hard to just focus on Division One, it would have been wrong of us on behalf of the club to continue signing players we had targeted to help win us the First Division if in fact we were to be going into the SPL."At that stage the Board of Directors and myself started work on the potential of a second budget, certainly the business side, there was great uncertainty with the potential of a second budget because so much of it would have been related to the SKY/ESPN scenario."Barry (Smith) and I had long discussions and we started to draw up a list of potential targets, we did what we could on the business side but we could really only guess and talk about what the crowds would be and what our potential costs would be should we obviously have to have extra policing etc. in relation to the matches themselves."So we did what we could, a sort of skeleton budget which was running alongside the existing budget - The most important part of that is that none of it was related to any media deal because that's not crucial to us, we'd signed players and were within budget - we had enough that we were going to add two, three maybe four players to help us win the First Division and we're not reliant on money from the media.


World Cup Group G

Belgium 1 0 0 3 3
England 1 0 0 1 3
Tunisa 0 0 1 -1 0
Panama 0 0 1 -3 0
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