bluenation part 2

09 April 2013 10:31
Scott Lockie

building skills and it was done in under a week!). I also wanted to give businesses the opportunity to tap into this fan base by buying an Ad on the site and allowing them to offer Dundee fans a discount, in return for their custom, hence the concept of a "Dee-Friendly" Business Directory was born.  As the website evolves, I'd also like to create blogs and maybe a page where people can send in links of their favourite fan snaps, goals on YouTube, etc. The possibilities are endless.  In summary, the website is a hub/portal for fans and business owners of a Dark Blue persuasion. I genuinely feel that it is a win-win-win situation for the Club, the fans and businesses. There is absolutely no cost to the Club in terms of time and money spent, as I will do all of the creation of the ads and the creation of the mosaic and they will receive 100% of all revenue raised by the site. The money will go straight to Youth Development at Dens, an area which saw the worst ravages of Admin but which is the most crucial part of our renaissance.   At the end of the day, the success of this venture will come down to how many fans and businesses get involved. Over 1,000 fans signed up for the Fans Flag. If the same amount of people get involved in the fans mosaic and say 50 businesses buy an Ad, then we will raise £50,000 for a very important part of our club's future success. The Club and in particular Steve Martin, have been very supportive of this Initiative.

So much so, that he has agreed that we will have the mosaic made into a massive banner, which will be paraded around Dens at the start of next season by fans who are selected through a lucky draw. The Mosaic will then hopefully be put on display at Dens. In the upcoming weeks, I will be contacting the following groups to seek their participation - Exiled Dark Blues, Dundee Mad, DFCSS/DSA, Club Dundee members, DBBT, Dee Lottery members, Seniors Club members, as well as supporters via the various Internet Forums, Facebook and Twitter pages (@darkbluenation). I will also be contacting the local media.  

I firmly believe that we have some of the most passionate and resilient supporters in Scottish football. This venture gives everyone an opportunity to get involved, for the benefit of the club. I'll be buying a Fans Photo. Will you?


Source: Dundee Mad


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