Another Dens bust up

16 March 2013 09:50
unrest rife ?

Well yesterday saw Rabort Douglas told to back his bags and get to F##k by interim manager John Brown

.Robert Douglas is in his second spell as a goal keeper at dens and is a huge favourite with the fans.Always gives his all and if he makes a mistake he will hold his hands up and admit it,a trait rarely found in todays game where loyalty is not very high up the priority list for many.He is always approachable to sign gloves for charity events and if he is free him and his wife will gratefully attend the event and mix happily with the attendees,

The ceo has came out and said everything is fine,although there was another side of the story from another ex ceo that said all is not fine,however we the dundee fans are used to the present ceo's statements not being the full story,especially the bonds story and not to mention the more recent Barry Smith debacle,yes the one where barry will be here til the end of the season and beyond

One thing i do know for certain is the stature of Robert Doulas and there is no questioning that,,about 7pm yesterday Robert text me to say that he had been made aware of the truth thread that was on the board by a friends and could i possibly stop the thread as it could run and run and distract from the fact that there is a derby to be won on Sunday.

Loads of storys flying about just now as to whether Robert will pull on our clubs famous jersey again i some how doubt it however i hope that i am wrong and that infact Big Robert can once again reclaim his place in between the sticks,and decide to take his final bow infront of the fans that he has built a special bond with, and leave dens under his own his own terms and not by an interim manager telling him to get to f##k out the club!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Source: Dundee Mad


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