A fans view of DFCSS

28 May 2013 10:12
in his own words

SGM ActionThe upcoming SGM gives the DFCSS members the opportunity to push through the change needed in our club.On that day we can;Ensure the Society honours it's commitment to its members by voting to accept the investment offer on the table. (This is all on the basis that the investment makes sense for the club.)We can have a vote of no confidence against the current DFC/DFCSS directors and ensure we have change in the DFC boardroom in terms of DFCSS representation. This can ensure we have a fans rep who concentrates on representing the fans and not running the club.We can vote for an annual renewal of membership in the DFCSS and thus ensure we have a a fit for purpose, committed and meaningful membership that can contribute to the well being of the club moving forward.If at the end of the SGM we have new investment, a new board room set up, a fans rep who will represent the fans and a new annual membership scheme for the Society then will have made good progress.The current DFC/DFCSS reps know that this is coming.They can of course choose to dig in for another 18 days and try and desperately protect their personal positions on the DFC board - and continue to put personal gain before the good of DFC as they have done for many months now.This is sadly what I expect to happen.In the meantime I hope that the vast majority of good Dee fans will take note of all of this ( and everything else that has gone on over recent months) and vote accordingly at the SGM when the opportunities ariseWe have limped from one disaster to another in recent months.We know that having three fans reps of the current mindset effectively controlling the club is wrong.We know that we need the right kind of external investment if we are to move forward after years of financial disaster.We know that if we are to ever move forward we need our ground back at some stage.We know that the fans are great at supporting the club and raising money for specific causes. Let's get back to doing that.We also know that after past problems we need a good pair of eyes in the boardroom to support the club and monitor things on behalf of the fans. This proposal delivers that to us.We know we need to get our youth programme in order and any external investment or help that can deliver this is surely positive.I am pretty sure that if the DFCSS were able to show the supporters that this bid was flawed, was of any major concern to them or was detrimental to the future of the club then they would have done so by now.This can all now get played out at an SGM if this is what the current directors of DFC/DFCSS want.Hopefullycommon sense will prevail before then; but on reent evidence that is sadly unlikely to happenI just hope Mr Colvin can convince the US investors to sit tight until 15th June; although meanwhile any plans the club has for signing players will likely be put on hold and we could well lose players to other clubs!!Roll on 15th June

Source: Dundee Mad