a fans view by Scott Lockie part 2

02 February 2013 12:31
great read

Why did we loan out two youngsters in McIntosh and Boyle when our current strikers couldn't burst a wet paper bag? Help me understand.Why do we keep hearing in the media that the spirit in the dressing room is fantastic and that players are really enjoying the new attacking formation and style of play? How can spirit and morale be great when you're getting beat every week? If they're getting beat and having such a great time of it, Blind Freddie can see we've got the wrong type of players and manager in the dressing room! Help me understand.In life I judge people by their actions not their words. After exiting Admin we should be one of the most financially viable clubs around, due to having no debt. Add to this the fact that we have a playing squad of First Division calibre (at best), yet SPL and TV revenue and we're still not in a position to strenghten during the window?I think I know the answer. We do not have the competence at any level within the club - Boardroom, Management or players.So we can either stick with the status quo, keep blindly believing the rhetoric coming out of the Club, clap like seals and hope things get better or we can stamp our feet and say enough is enough, we've suffered enough, we deserve better and we're going to ensure we get it. I know which camp I'm inTo the Board I would say this. The time for action is now. Get some quality players in, get some investment into the club and exhaust every avenue to achieve both. If you are not able to do so and it appears that you're not, then the honourable thing to do is walk away.In the meantime, blood our youngsters. Hearts did last night and they ran rings around our supposed experienced players.The powers that be have accepted relegation as a fait accompli. Don't let them kid you otherwise. As a Dundee supporter, who has endured enough, I will never accept my team and those who run it surrendering so meekly. We were given the Golden Ticket to the SPL and have made an unmitigated disaster of it and will disappear back to the First Division and the oblivion that awaits. League reconstruction will not be our panacea.Help me understand.

Source: Dundee Mad