a fans view by Scott Lockie part 1

02 February 2013 12:30
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-Help me understand- by Scott LockieHelp Me UnderstandFor the past week I have been collecting money from Dundee fans for the Sponsor a Goal Initiative launched by the Exiled Dark Blues. Even although we have only scored 14 goals, many of these fans have doubled or tripled their payments to make up for the lack of goals we have scored. These fans deserve better and in my opinion are the most resilient in Scottish football.Contrast this with the fact that in the past week I have contacted 3 people at the Club to get the Club's bank account details to pay this money into, sent several follow up emails and still haven't had an answer! Is anyone actually running the Club??? I am trying to give the Club people's hard earned money. Help me understand.Can anyone also tell me why we haven't signed a striker during this transfer window? Yet we give an extension to the end of the season for a bloke who can't score and doesn't know how to stay on his feet or attack a ball properly? Help me understand.All our competitors have strengthened during the transfer window and are reaping the benefits. Why did we not have our ducks lined up for January 1st, ready to go? Quack, quack. Can't blame the late inclusion in SPL this time. Help me understand.Why are we more concerned about giving publicity to umpteen charities and ensuring fans get a free curry and an ice hockey game once a month, when all we want is a decent football team to wear the dark blue jersey with pride? Help me understand.Why did our Club publicly back Barry and state that they will help him improve the squad and then fail to deliver, again? Help me understand.Why have we done g with Barry's Icelandic links and our recent partnership with AC Milan? We seem to be the only club with no contacts. Help me understand.Why do we not disclose player contract lengths? Or when our band of crocks are likely to be playing again? What are we trying to hide? Given how badly run our club has been for the past decade, our fans have every right to question EVERYTHING that goes on in our club and our paranoia is utterly justified. Help me understand.

Source: Dundee Mad


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