Levein unfazed by Setanta plight

27 June 2009 04:28
SPL bosses are seeking a buyer for their domestic broadcasting rights following the demise of the Irish-based broadcaster, who were forced to call in the administrators this week. Scottish top-flight clubs will be concerned how Setanta's downfall will affect them financially but Levein insists there is no need to press the panic button. "We'll get a TV deal and I think the TV deal we get will be better than our last TV deal," he said. "I feel that our product is something that's valuable. "I'm fairly certain that we will get a good television deal and I'm hoping that, if the TV deal goes the way that we all want, there will be even more money for myself and other managers to spend on players." Levein has already recruited the services of Danny Cadamarteri, Jennison Myrie-Williams and goalkeeper Steven Banks as a player/coach ahead of the new season. And he admits any further new signings could depend on how much cash the Tayside club receives from a new television deal. "There are two different things going on here," he said. "There are the budgets at the football club and then there is how that is impacted by the television deal. "I'm quite fortunate in that I've already signed three players and I'll have a goalkeeper in by the time the season starts. "A lot of people haven't done any business this summer. "I'll have to wait and see what happens with regards the TV money but I'm sick and fed up of people being negative about what's happening." Levein believes too much negativity surrounds the Scottish game as a whole despite what he believes is a decent product. He told BBC Scotland: "Okay, Setanta have gone bust and that's just unfortunate that the business model they put together didn't work but it doesn't mean that the product we've got in the SPL should be devalued in any way. "I believe that we've got a great product. "I go and watch games all the time, I go down to watch games in England all the time, I watch the Premiership on the television and I've seen some horrendous games. "But what they do better down there is that they talk their game up and I think that's the biggest problem in Scotland, that everyone is so negative. "There is doom and gloom and facing meltdown and all that sort of stuff - a lot of rubbish."

Source: Team_Talk

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