Rovers Terry Bramall- We have the right man

28 May 2013 11:18
Construction magnate Terry Bramall his thoughts on Paul Dickov

Doncaster Rovers director Terry Bramall, Rovers’ most wealthy shareholder is convinced the club have found the right man in Paul Dickov to build on their newly solid foundations.

He may be the quiet man of Doncaster Rovers but Bramall is keen to shout about the club’s successes this season.

The construction magnate is also not shy about singing the virtues of new boss Dickov.

“Like every good club, Doncaster Rovers has solid foundations and I think we’ve made tremendous progress in that this year,”

“Having Paul as our new manager will make sure we carry forward with that on the field.

“It was a tremendously rigourous process in choosing our new manager, we wouldn’t have it any other way. But it was a good process.

“We were all able to express our views about what we wanted in our new manager and we unanimously chose Paul at the conclusion of it all.

“It’s been a wonderful year for Doncaster Rovers. Not only have we had the success on the pitch of bouncing straight back into the Championship but also off the field by getting management of our own stadium.

“We can now embrace our supporters in the true home of this club.

“We’ve moved forward off the field and we are in an excellent position to move forward on it.”

Source: Donny Mad