O'Driscoll: Donny must be smarter

26 October 2009 03:05
Rovers retained possession for long periods during their weekend defeat at Newcastle but ended up on the losing side again and have now taken just eight points from a possible 27.

O'Driscoll said: "All 10 players have to be on their game for us to be fluid and when we get it right we're as good as anyone in this league and better than most.

"When it's not happening we have to rely on our organisation but we don't want to have to rely on that too much."

O'Driscoll added: "When you're on the ball you have to take responsibility and understand what you're trying to do and make better decisions.

"I'm not saying play tippy-tappy football but make more decisions and the more right decisions you make the better you are."

Source: Team_Talk

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