Donny have pulling power - O'Kelly

24 March 2009 05:26
O'Kelly says that Rovers' style of play has impressed some top-flight sides, who have been in touch about the possibility of talented players making the switch to South Yorkshire. "We know that people have said lots of good things this season about the way we play and we'd like to think that we have continued to enhance our reputation as a side who like to pass the ball and for how we play," O'Kelly told The Sheffield Star. "How you play does have some influence when you have leading clubs looking where they might send players and there is no doubt, too, that Sean (manager O'Driscoll) has a good reputation which he initially developed at Bournemouth. "In fact, we have had clubs ringing us about the possibility of players joining us, saying that they'd like them to come to us, and that is good news for this football club. "Those clubs know how we play and go about things and that their young players would be coming into a good environment, the right sort of set-up."

Source: Team_Talk