Doncaster Rovers Headed In One Direction

09 June 2014 08:54

Just when we thought it was safe to go back in the water of sports journalism, knowing that we were all safe from the pitfalls of reading about something that sounds either odd, or ludicrous at best, we find that this week, One Direction member Louis Tomlinson is on the verge of becoming a Director at Doncaster Rovers FC.

The recently relegated side were taken over last November by two businessmen but it appears as if now, the former owner and a consortium, including Louis Tomlinson, has agreed to put up the money to buy back the club, making John Ryan and Louis Tomlinson joint chairmen.

It had been hoped that the deal would go through last Friday but the people who manage Tomlinson put a stop to it at the last minute due to Tomlinson’s ‘image rights.’

One thing is for sure and that is that Paul Dickov, the manager of the football team, must be wondering just what is going on, or dare I say it, which direction the team are heading. With so much buying and selling going on it cannot be good for the morale of the team; for its manager, players and more importantly, the fans, who need and expect some kind of solidity and cohesion in the ranks.

As Rovers seek to get off to a good start in League 1, they will need the back room boys to have everything in place. They will need to feel they are supported in their activities and feel safe in what they are doing. At the moment that cannot be said to be happening at Doncaster Rovers and as a former Doncaster lad and fan in my youth, I find that incredibly sad.

Source: DSG