Zagreb fans banned from PSG trip

04 November 2012 06:47

Dinamo Zagreb supporters were barred from travelling to watch their team play Paris Saint Germain in Tuesday's Champions League group match by French Interior Minister Manuel Valls on Sunday.

Valls explained that he wanted "to avoid any serious security risks to people and property".

Some 80 PSG fans had been stopped on the Slovenian border with Croatia and refused entry last month on their way to the two sides match there.

Valls considered that there was a real chance of "serious incidents occurring should fans from both sides come across each other".

He added that he had been informed by Croatian authorities that 150 to 200 violent supporters from a gang called the "Blue Bad Boys" would be travelling without tickets for the match.

As a result of this information Valls had decided to forbid "from November 5 to midday November 7, the travel either individually or as a group, by road, rail or air of all Dinamo supporters to French border points and the Ile-de-France region (the Paris area)".

Source: AFP