Davies hits out at pundits

17 June 2007 03:44
Derby County boss Billy Davies intends to turn a deaf ear to the media pundits when the Rams return to the Premier League next season. Davies is anticipating a rough ride from the critics when the media spotlight falls on his club next season, but has hit out at the pundits who regularly take swipes at some of the top-flight's less glamorous sides. "Football is a matter of opinion and everyone's entitled to one, but a lot of them should remember what it was like playing in the game and should realise how tough it is as a coach or as a manager," he told the Derby Evening Telegraph. "It's easy to sit and criticise but try coming in and sitting in the chair. Try coming in, without your pen and paper and taking on the job. It's not quite as easy as you think. "Sometimes, these ex-players should show a little bit more courtesy. "One thing I hope never to do is to become a Sky pundit or a football analyst and condemn and criticise players and people in the game. "Football's different than it was five years ago. "The philosophies are different, boardrooms are different, clubs are different and they're supported by different people. The players are different to handle because of the finances involved. "A lot of these guys have been in the game and proved they couldn't handle it, so they should be a bit more respectful."

Source: ESA