Rams wave the flags after Tyson capture

13 June 2011 01:08
Derby County have signed a three year deal with former Forest striker Nathan Tyson Derby County have concluded the signing of Nottingham Forest forward Nathan Tyson. The 29 year-old striker has been given a three year deal with the Rams and describes the move as “The most important move of his career”. Tyson is most infamously known for his part in a flag waving incident after Forest beat the Ram at the City Ground. However his pace is what Nigel Clough has bought Tyson into the Rams squad for. He was used mainly as a winger for Forest but Clough sees him as a centre forward and hopes he will prove to be one of the Rams top scorer next season. Fans seem to be divided over the signing, some unable or unwilling to forgive the flag waving incident but others willing to give Tyson a chance to prove he has the pace and goal scoring ability that Derby need. One thing is certain the opposition defence will certainly have their hands full with the pace of fellow striker Theo Robinson and new midfield recruit James Ward. A former Rams manager and coach Steve Maclaren is said to be joining Nottingham Forest after sacking their previous boss, also a Rams former Manager Billy Davies.