Rams say many hands make light work

16 March 2010 11:40
Derby County have formed a new partnership with the Electric Centre and build new lamps to promote grass growth at Pride Park New sodium lamps in the specially constructed rig used to give the penalty areas at Pride Park much needed extra light and warmth for improved growth of the grassThe Rams have teamed up with lighting specialists Electric Centre in a bid to improve the penalty areas of the Pride Park Pitch.Most pitches around the country have been badly hit by the unusually long winter and low temperatures experienced over the last few months. The penalty areas are usually the worst parts of a football pitch, with many around the country turning to bumpy and thinly grassed parts of the playing surface.To counter act the reduced level of grass many top clubs have turned to specially designed rigs holding sodium lamps. The lamps improve the growth rate of the grass and help make the playing surface in those areas better over time.The Rams decided to design their own rig and this has now been accomplished with the donation of materials from the Electric Centre.The rig has six powerful sodium lamps attached and will be placed around the penalty areas during the rest of this season. Derby County are pleased with the rig and hope that the partnership with the Electric Centre will be used again in the future for other projects


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