Rams rebuff takeover as 'farce'

12 March 2010 01:47
Gadsby has made a £37million offer for the club last night and claimed there is a lack of transparency surrounding the American owners of Derby.[LNB]Glick has questioned Gadsby's motives and said there was no chance of the club returning to the former bosses.[LNB]He said: "I have questions about the true intentions about this - the whole thing is a farce.[LNB]"The club is not for sale and we are not interested in receiving any more bids.[LNB]"We do not appreciate the behaviour of the other party and the style in which this has been handled.[LNB]"It has been a distraction but we will not let this disrupt us. We are continuing to work to our plan, to run this club in a sensible way, to win promotion to the Premier League and to secure our position there.[LNB]"I don't think the facts stack up in Peter Gadsby's favour. We have sorted out the financial mess we inherited from him and have put the club on a sound financial footing."[LNB]Glick said Derby's debts had been cut from £32million when the international investment group General Sports and Entertainment took the club over in 2007 to £15million, which is the remaining mortgage on Pride Park.[LNB]"There is no secret about the identity of the owners - everyone knows who they are," added Glick.[LNB]"It's frustrating to have this sort of distraction but we are not going to be deflected from our aims."[LNB][LNB][LNB] Coca Cola Championship. Click here to bet.  

Source: Team_Talk