Rams fans facing huge season ticket rises

08 February 2013 07:42
Derby County fans are up in arms about the huge rises to certain sections of the Derby County fan base

Well Derby County mad did prepare the disabled and other supporters of a certain age that season ticket prices would rocket for next season.

Our warning came nearly a full year ago and now we are seeing the full and devastating effect it is having on many adult disabled and elderly season ticket holders.

Rises of £75 and £85 are common place and our the fans are not happy. Many are questioning the savage rises and if it is to pay for the new category E season ticket in the South stand, which costs just £230.

As a disabled supporter myself, I have to say I will no longer be paying for a season ticket after facing a mandatory £100 rise as the club move into line with other clubs and makes the disabled pay their age category and not a special disabled rate. This I can understand and just about afford. However Derby County for some reason as recatagorised my seating area from D to C and now a seat for myself would cost me £390. So to reiterate My season ticket seats for myself and my carer cost £200 last season, this coming season for the same seat, I am asked for £390, a near 100% rise. This is assuming I re-new before April 14th 2013, to let it laps would mean I then needed to find another £55 making my season ticket a stunning £445, a near 150% increase.

Needless to say, like many more people in my own position, I can’t justify or afford another £190. Sadly after over 25 years as a season ticket holder and over 50 years as a supporter, I will not be renewing my ticket this coming season.

If you have had the same shock as your season ticket renewal drops on to the mat give us experience by visiting our messageboard.

Source: Derby County-Mad