Rams end interest in Director of Football

25 April 2012 09:43
Derby County will no longer be looking to appoint anyone to the position of DOF

After a year of searching and deliberating, the position of Director of Football will no longer be on the agenda of the club.

Rams CEO Tom Glick has stated that the club will stop its search after twelve months looking for the right person to assist Nigel Clough in the re-building of the playing staff.

It is thought Clough was less than happy for a Director of Football to be brought in to the club and Glick has now stated that the position was not imperative to the future running of the playing side of Derby County football Club. 

It was thought that the DOF would also be looking at potential players for the future and the negotiations of contracts etc. Glick however has stated that he is pleased with the job Clough is doing at the club at present, so there is no need or any further appointments.