Ram wins in Nottingham again

16 November 2012 03:15
Rammie has won a masot race in Nottingham in aid of Children in Need

Yes it is that time of year again when Pudsey bear and all his fellow Mascots and charity workers come looking for your money in aide of Children in Need.

So young Rammie trotted down the A52 to take part at 10.00am this morning in the mascots race At Boots UK main office.

It came as no surprise (well not to him) when the super fit Ram came home first to produce yet another Derby win in Nottingham this year.

Rammie's and other mascots efforts, along with the workers at Boots Head Office in Beaston and around the Country have so far raised £4.8m in the nine years that they have been raising funds for Chldren in Need.

Source: Derby County-Mad