Peter Gadsby in new Rams take-over claims

12 March 2010 08:56
A sensational story began to emerge last night (Thursday 12th March 2010) that Local businessman and former Derby County Chairman Peter Gadsby was about to launch a £35m take-over bid for the club Peter Gadsby in new take-over bid for Derby County FCWith all the bad news around this week concerning Derby County it was refreshing, if not very surprising that news emerged last night that former Chairman of the Club, Peter Gadsby is putting together a £35m take-over bid for the club.Gadsby was Chairman in 2006, rescuing the club from the so called 'Three Amigos' . He subsequently sold his shares in the club to Adam Pearson who later found investment and take-over from the American owned General Sports Entertainment group.If Mr Gadsby's bid for the club is successful he aims to pump in £5m worth of investment into the squad, something that the present owners have failed to do during the time in office. It does have to be said that the GSE group has considerably lowered the clubs debt and at present it is operating with just the payments on the stadium to pay off. Gadsby will be aided in his quest to regain the club by two as yet un-named investors.It was widely thought that Gadsby and his previous set of investors in the club became disillusioned with the sums of money needed to stay in the Premiership and was widely thought to be the reason he cashed in his shares of the club to Adam Pearson. His new investors are thought to have Derbyshire connections which will be welcomed by the majority of Derby County Fans.We await and comment from the current owners as to their plans for the future and any truth in the take-over story.