One direction singer urges Appleby to spend

19 March 2013 12:14
Boy band singer Niall Horan urges the Derby County ownership to spend them into the Premiership

It came as somewhat a surprise that Derby County had a celebrity supporter in One Directions Niall Horan, but I bet it wasn’t as big a shock as Rams President Andy Appleby received if he or his minions have read today’s addition of the Sun newspaper, where Niall has issued an ultimatum to the Rams owner.

In the ultimatum he (Horan) states he would only grant the Presidents plea for 1D tickets if he was to bank roll Derby County back into the Premiership.

Appleby’s daughter is a huge fan of the band and is always asking Niall if they could go to a concert when the band play in Detroit. Niall agreed to the tickets for Miss Appleby but he flatly refused to give away tickets to Andy unless Derby County get significant investment in players capable of taking the Rams up into the Premiership.

Andy Appleby has until July 12th to bring in the significant signings and claim his freebie tickets to One Directions concert when they play Detroit.

We look forward with interest to see if the ultimatum prompts investment in the squad this summer.

Source: Derby County-Mad