Growing concern over disabled supporters

20 February 2013 10:06
Recent season ticket price rises continues to cause concern among the disabled supporters of Derby County

A few weeks have gone by now but there is still growing concern about the massive price rises handed out to disabled Rams supporters for the 2013-14 season.

Adult disabled have seen a rise of over £100 for their season ticket for the coming season. At a time of rising fuel, food, housing and many other price increases, it is unthinkable that these never before seen rises for the disadvantaged in our community should take place.

After discussions with many supporters both able and disabled, it is now clear that the sale of season tickets will certainly drop,especiall for the disabled and the elderly, who also face stiff price hikes, as areas of the ground are re-classified.

The club now have a new strap line for their search for loyalty to the club. The new DNA ' Derby Now Forever' seems to now have a new meaning for the less able bodied Rams supporter, that of 'DISABLED NOT ALLOWED'.

There are now just over three weeks until the cut off point of the 14th April to renew before the so called early renewal discount makes the price of a season ticket even more expensive. We would like your comments on this emerging problem click here to email us.

Source: Derby County-Mad