Glick reveals debt-tackling plans

07 April 2009 01:41
Glick told hundreds of Rams supporters at a fans forum at Pride Park on Monday night that the debt currently stands at £23million. Chairman Andy Appleby claimed that General Sports and Entertainment took on a debt of £31million when they bought the club in January 2008 and revealed plans to bring it down to £15m. The 90-minute question and answer session gave fans the chance to quiz the club's management team of Glick, chairman of football Adam Pearson and first-team boss Nigel Clough. When asked about the debt, Glick said: "It has been reduced to £23m and the plan is to reduce it to £15m by August 31, which will be the mortgage on the stadium. It is an important step to get to that point and we will get there." Pearson added: "We think the club is going in the right direction and is as healthy as it has been for some time. The management and safety of the club is very important."

Source: Team_Talk