Gadsby takeover website

14 March 2010 09:51
Peter Gadsby has launched a new website detailing his bid to take-over Derby County Football Club Friday morning saw the news that Peter Gadsby wants to take over Derby County Football Club again. His £37m bid was rejected hours later by Tom Glick saying the club is not for sale.The Gadsby Takeover has now launched its own website detailing all the takeover plans and what it would mean for Derby County and its supporters to view this new website.Gadsby's plans also include give the fans, or fans groups 10% of the shares in the club, so each and everyone of its supporters could have a voice.Plans to reduce the pricing of food and drink at the ground also feature, as does the the Brian Clough and Peter Taylor statue. Gadsby claims he would fund the cost of this project internally, which is surprising as he described earlier efforts to raise a statue to Rams legend Steve Bloomer as "old fashioned and not what fans wanted" whilst previously Chairman of the club. His change of mind on funding is also a surprise after he jokingly asked a representative of the Steve Bloomer Project if the £5,000 already collected from fans for that project was "kept in a jar under the bed"!The Steve Bloomer bust paid for in part by the fans. Peter Gadsby now has plans to fund the full lifesized double Statue of Brian Clough and Peter Taylor despite his reservations of statues being "old fashioned".The Pride Plaza project, again suggested whilst Peter Gadsby was previously Chairman of the club features on the new website. Is this a serious and genuine effort to take-over the club or just publicity seeking clap-trap? Take a look at the website by clicking here and judge for yourself.