Former Rams director of Football now penniles

17 June 2010 01:09
As Derby County FC seek to reclaim monies illegally taken from it a former Director claims to be on job seekers allowance, homeless and only a bag of clothes to his name Murdo Mackay claiming to be penniless and on job seekers allowance after spending more than £1m in six years after defrauding Derby County football clubFormer Rams disgraced directors were in court again yesterday as Derby County FC seek to reclaim some or all of the money illegally taken out of the club by Jeremy Keith, Andrew Mackenzie and Murdo Mackay.Murdo Mackay who alleged to have spent over £1m in six years from 2002 till 2008 but stood up in court yesterday and claimed he was now homeless after having his house repossessed and now has to claim job seekers allowance of £65 per week and have free lodgings with his brother to get by.Mackay's wife has moved to Spain with his children a year ago, so Mackay, who was released from prison in February this year following his conviction of defrauding the club of more than £375,000 plus VAT, Now claims he is penniless and stated he has "lost everything".Jeremy Keith still living in a £1.3m home after defrauding Derby County. The club now seeks to reclaim some or all of the monies taken illegally.He told the court that he owned just one bag of clothing, plus the items he stood up in and had no car, no home or savings. His association with the club started in 2002 when then Chairman Lionel Pickering took hi on to assist then manager, John Gregory. Subsequently he took on the role of Director of football at the club when Jeremy Keith took over the club. Keith was also in court yesterday but at present is managing to hold on to a £1.3m home in Oxfordshire, as well as doing consultative work.Andrew Mackenzie former Rams director of finance claims his holiday home in Florida has depeciated badly since buying it in 2004 with monies illegally taken from the club.Former Rams financial Director Andrew Mackenzie told the court how he used the money from the club to purchase a holiday home in Florida. He claimed this cost $ 471,900 in 2004 but has now depreciated to around $287,000. He also told the court that he now has to drive an old Mercedes car worth only £1,000.The hearing continues and a decision on the repayment of monies illegally taken from the club is expected in the next few weeks.