Exclusive request from the Steve Davies family

21 August 2012 05:58
After weeks of rumour and counter rumour. I have recently had an exchange of emails with Steve Davies' father. We hope the following article puts people straight and we can all move on.

Derby County mad readers, it has come to our attention yet again that there are rumours flying around our, and other message boards regarding the reasoning behind the departure of Steve Davies from the club.

As I have mentioned before, officials of the club, players, their representatives, wives and family do read our message board. In the last week alone there have been at least two threads in which speculation about Steve’s motives or reasoning in wanting to leave the club have been called into question, usually by those that know the least about the situation.

In my capacity as editor of the Derby County mad site, I do get regular complaints and the Steve Davies topic has been seen and read by his wife and Father. Mark, Steve’s Father has contacted me on several occasions about the untruths that have been bandied about his son.

All the moderators and myself have striven to remind people that you do need to substantiate any written accusation or rumour they post on our message board, or legal proceedings could be taken by the person mentioned in the post.

Mark Davies has today emailed me again with thanks for the moderators and my own efforts to quell rumours and has asked, along with Steve’s wife that I publish the email he sent to me this morning. Here is that email.

Bloomeram, I recently complained too you regarding this issue, and I have to say the M.O.Ds have dealt with the issue quite well . However, the recent speculation regarding Steven is categorically NOT CORRECT, the reasons are Very real, but do not and I repeat DO NOT concern any other Player, Wife,Girlfriend,ManagerStaff member, in any way shape or form ! It is a private and at sensitive issue, which in the fullness of time, will be revealed. I , on behalf of Steven and His Wife, would like to on record Thanking the Club and especially Nigel for understanding the reasons for his leaving, which I might stress has been ongoing for the best part of 18 months. It also very relevant of me to say, thank you all DCFC, but please drop the " witch hunt" as there is nothing regarding the CLUB and more importantly anyone associated too it. Many thanks Mr M Davies "Stevens Father" .

We do hope everyone will respect the matter and the Davies family in respect of this matter and let the matter rest. Thank-you.