Egg Head Makes A Bloomer

25 November 2011 02:11
During The BBC EggHeads Programme A Mistake Credits Steve Bloomer As Being A Goalkeeper.

They don't make mistakes very often but yesterdays (Thursday 24th November) edition of the BBC Quiz series saw the Ultimate Egghead, Kevin Ashman comment that Steve Bloomer was a goalkeeper for England late 19th and early 20th Century!

The round was being taken by Judith Keppel. Not surprisingly Judith didn't know a great deal about sport and even less about Steve Bloomer but she managed to guess the correct answer, when asked "in 2009 Derby County unveiled a bust facing the pitch at Pride Park to which player"? The options being Dave Mackay, Reich Carter or Steve Bloomer.

Durmot Murnaghan then asked if any of the Eggheads knew any more about Steve Bloomer, to which Kevin stated he was a goalkeeper.

Later on in the programme, presumably after some hasty reasearch, Dermot revealed that Bloomer was a striker. This is also incorrect as Bloomer was, and wanted to be know as, A striker.

Steve Bloomer played for England on 23 occasions and scored 28 goals, as well as being the Rams leading scorer for 15 seasons. The man was a true Derby and England legend and for Eggheads to not know the answer is truely sad. Had Bloomer played for the London teams maybe his name and achievements would have been more widely known.