Drumming up business at Pride Park

10 June 2010 02:18
The Barmy Army drummer Blake Fallows gives Derby County mad an insight into his job and the move with the Barmy Army to the North Stand next season Blake Fallows the Barmy Army DrummerAs you will have noticed on the Derby County Mad website we are championing the move and rise in the Barmy Army at Pride Park. An integral part of the move and the Barmy Army is the drummer.Blake Fallows is the official Derby County Barmy Army drummer and will be proudly thumping out the beat next season at the front of the North Stand. He is just sixteen years of age and comes from Oakwood on the outskirts of the City.The Barmy Army have re-located this season to the A section of the North Stand and wanted to incorporate a drummer. Blake being a founder member of the Barmy Army and having played the drums for the last six years was an easy choice for the role.Derby County Mad has interviewed Blake on the role of drummer and readily admits he suffers for his art, his legs are covered in bruises from carrying and playing the drum at matches. Blake often takes the drum to away games, where he said he is most made welcome.Blake tells us that his rhythms will add to an expected very vocal and noisy atmosphere in the North stand next season and will be an integral part of the Barmy Army experience for home and away fans at games during the 2010-11 season.The Barmy Army in actionAsked whether he thought the drumming and move of the Barmy Army would be a success during the season Blake said "only time will tell" but he was hopeful people will see the new vocal section of the crowd and want to join.There was a move to have Blake and his drum up in the stand with the rest of the Barmy Army but we understand he will now beat the drum from the running track around the pitch. This may be because of people not wanting to be seated next to a drum and an application to the club for a season ticket for the drum! Was turned down.We asked if there was any plans to add more drums or instruments to Blake's sole drum. At the present moment in time we understand that no further drums or instruments will be joining Blake. He does however need sponsorship for the drum and hopes this article will prompts some kind person, company or business to sponsor the drum. If you or your company can help please email us at derby-county-mad@fsmail.net Should you be keen to join the Barmy Army and be an understudy for Blake on the drum, the club are looking to hear from anyone who would be available should Blake not be available for duty.Derby County mad wish Blake and everyone associated with the Barmy Army good luck and success for next season. We look forward to a vocal and atmospheric time during 2010-11 season.