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Daventry United Football Club

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"What a SHOCKING attitude!! Yeah, disappointing not to have made the team, but to not make yourself available for international games is petulent, immature and pathetic! And I understand brotherly unity, but there is no way Gio should pull out. And what on earth is the father doing getting involved? Not good enough to play for Brazil, and now regretting their involvement with Mexico. I think Mexico are better off without them going on their attitudes in this particular episode..."

Andy Nash

Dos Santos in quit threat
"I don't believe Mexico made a wise decision of letting Jonathan go. Just like his brother Giovanni los santos he is really good at playing soccer. Besides he is very young, he is only 20 years old. He has lots ahead of him. The soccer player that most of us believe should have gotten let go is El Bofo. He is much older and much slower. Govanni and jonathan would have made a great team at the World Cup 2010. I beleive that later on, as years go by Jonathan is going to grow to become a professional soccer player that most of the teams would want and by this time mexico is going to have to do alot of kissing ass in order for jonathan to return. In my opinion if Giovanni wants to quit playing with Mexico the World Cup 2010, he should think about it as this will complicate his career, to which he needs to think about his future in soccer. Alot of the scouts out there for other major soccer teams will look at his quitting as a sign of weakness. In my opinion he should continue, and play for the Mexico soccer team, because without him they are lost for the World Cup"


Dos Santos in quit threat
"vela has great talent and without doubt he will become the best striker in the world within 3 years mark my words "


50 Players to watch at the World Cup - No 22 Carlos Vela

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