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Still warns of more ups and downs

18 Feb 2010 17:29:46

Still warns of more ups and downs

The Daggers ended a run of four straight defeats by beating Bournemouth last weekend but Still has reminded fans that they are still working on a limited budget. He said: "We were sliding down the table, but it never concerned me for one minute. "I always knew we would find it hard and I knew we would go four, five, six, seven, eight or nine games without a win, because we're not a team who can find the formula by just going out to get the best players. "We're going to have another blip and another I suppose, but I'm trying to create a new team out there. If you look at the age of the team and the individual players, that's how we do it. "We're just getting ourselves back together again, people get disappointed when you lose, but unfortunately we are not a quick-fix club, we have to try and find who we want."


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