Cobblers appeal for pitch help

22 December 2009 02:50
The club remain confident that the game will go ahead but want supporters to contact the club to volunteer to help clear the pitch on Boxing Day morning if required.

Stadium manager Avril Spraggon said: "The decision was made not to apply the frost covers as these would have suffocated and killed the grass if left in place for a week and a half.

"The snow is the best natural insulator and the covering we have on the pitch at present is doing exactly that and will continue to do so over the next few days as we experience some very low temperatures.

"By keeping the snow in place it will prevent the frost getting into the ground, then when the thaw, which is expected late Wednesday/early Thursday arrives and the water drains, the pitch should be in the best condition possible."

Supporters who volunteer will be offered a ticket voucher, or for season ticket holders a club shop voucher, and will be needed from 7.30am on Boxing Day morning.

Source: Team_Talk