Relieved Cech's mea culpa after blunder

13 June 2012 12:17

Czech Republic keeper Petr Cech shouldered the blame for a "comic blunder" that helped Greece get a goal back in Tuesday's Group A game which the Czechs held on to win 2-1.

"The blunder looks comic, but such things happen in football," said the 30-year-old Cech, who had helped Chelsea win the Champions League last month.

"It was my fault. I knew I'd made a very bad decision -- I was trying to catch the ball too quickly," said Cech.

Cech shouted at defender Tomas Sivok to give way as the two looked set to clash going to clear the cross.

"Tomas stopped correctly. I shouted and then got it wrong. I could have waited and caught the ball easily behind him, but then I got ahead of him and panicked," Cech said.

"The main thing is we stayed in the lead to the end," said Cech.

Source: AFP