Czech dailies mull ways to stop Ronaldo

19 June 2012 10:16

Czech dailies puzzled Tuesday over ways to stop Cristiano Ronaldo as the Czech Republic prepare to face Portugal in Thursday's quarter-final.

"Czech players could hardly face a bigger threat. If they want to succeed, they must above all stop Cristiano Ronaldo," says the Lidove Noviny broadsheet.

"Goalless games are remarkably scarce in the Portugal captain's records, he shows stunning versatility on the pitch and he punishes the opponent's mistakes without mercy," adds the daily.

"It's not easy to read Ronaldo's moves. You never know in advance what he will do," says Lidove Noviny.

"The predator attacks. Czechs are building a wall against Ronaldo," says a headline in the largest Czech broadsheet daily DNES, recalling how Ronaldo led the Portuguese to a 3-1 win against the Czechs at Euro 2008.

Source: AFP