Monk blast at Derry and Warnock

11 February 2010 04:15
Swansea skipper Gary Monk was unhappy at a tackle on Shefki Kuqi by Shaun Derry. That was a disgrace. I had a clear sight of it and I was really mad about it," Monk told the Swansea Evening Post. "He's so lucky not to have damaged Shefki properly. "But when it's as blatant as that it's embarrassing. He shouldn't be on the pitch. "He got away with it and he always seems to get away with it, but that's Warnock's team for you." Swansea won the game 1 - 0 with Kuqi scoring the winning goal. Monk went on to explain how Neil Warnock's attempt at gamesmanship backfired. It's claimed Warnock pinned a newspaper cutting to the away team dressing room door that highlighted comment Paulo Sousa made about Palace should be relegated rather than just have 10 points deducted for going into Administration. "Warnock had stuck something on our door — something about what Paulo had said in the week — so we knew we had to start well because they were going to come out firing, and we did that," said Monk. "Warnock being Warnock, he moaned all game. I think he was the only voice I could hear on the pitch, so it was great to shut him up for once — that was nice. "Everyone's got their own style and I can't knock him as a manager, he's been there, seen it, done it. "But it's not a team I'd like to play in and I don't think it's a team even their players want to play in, but you have to play somewhere. "Our principles are to play nice football and to stroke it about, but with a purpose as well. "We had to show discipline, which we did, and got a great result," he added.


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