FA Cup and TV games: The last week at Selhurst

14 December 2013 12:29
Palace Mad takes a look at the goings on at Palace this week


This last week saw Palace record back-to-back victories for the first time this season and bring them closer to the teams outside of the relegation zone. The 2-0 win also saw the Eagles earn their fourth clean sheet in five games.

Fortunes seem to have turned, first under Keith Millen and now under Pulis. The chance of picking up a result this weekend away at Chelsea is of course slim however this should not have a negative impact on the team’s current run because these are not the games Palace must aim for.

Pulis allured to as much in his pre-match press conference; in some ways the pressure is off as there is no expectation.

Last weekend also saw the draw for the third round of the FA Cup, and Palace drew West Brom away. Unsurprisingly it has not been selected for television, but some upcoming Premier League games have been.

The club’s first trip to the Emirates Stadium at the beginning of February will be shown live on Sky Sports on Sunday February 2, and Manchester United’s visit to Selhurst will also be shown on Sky. However, the day depends on United’s progress in the Champions League. If they are still in the competition and are scheduled to play on the Tuesday then the game will be 5.30pm on Saturday 22, but if they are not in Europe it will be Sunday 23rd at 1.30pm.

Although not on TV, this weekend’s game is being beam-backed to Selhurst and tickets can still be purchased from the box office.

Daniel Smith - @dmsmith1987

Source: PalaceMAD