Bright to lend a helping hand

09 September 2009 10:24
Ex-winger Salako recently rejoined the Eagles as under-13s coach and now former striker and BBC pundit Bright has also agreed to pass on his expertise at the Academy. "I have just joined to help in any way I can really," said Bright. "David Moss, the club's Academy manager, spoke to me about it at a Crystal Palace golf day a few months back whether I was interested and it was just a case really of talking to David and seeing exactly how I could help and when. "My commitments are that I work for the BBC, I do games on a Saturday and some Sunday's and it was just a case of negotiating where I could best help out the club really. We have looked at me helping on Tuesday and Thursday nights at the dome and Monday's at the training ground. "Fundamentally I will be helping with the technical side, heading, volleying and just pass on the knowledge really."

Source: Team_Talk