After-thought: Saturday afternoons at Selhurst

29 September 2013 05:22
Palace Mad takes a brief look at one of the recent talking points amongst the supporters - this week it's 3pm Saturday kick-offs


With the increased revenue, change in the playing squad and television coverage there is perhaps one change that is not often mentioned.

Palace will not be playing at 3pm on a Saturday at Selhurst Park until the beginning of November, against Everton.

At the start of the season it was a novelty, something that was a consequence of achieving promotion and although not massively popular generally accepted.

However, in recent weeks the conversation has cropped up more amongst a number of the Palace faithful. Perhaps the novelty has begun to wear off.

The main point that comes from this change is the impact it has on the fans, and that perhaps the fans are not always high up the consideration list of the top division.

Those that pay the money in to the clubs and follow the team up and down the country are the ones that have to adapt most to the changes.

Opinions will of course be divided on this subject, but everyone will be able to agree that it will be nice to return to a Saturday 3pm kick-off in November.

Source: PalaceMAD


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