Croatian defeat sparks violence in Bosnia

19 June 2012 11:46

At least two policemen were slightly injured and several fans detained in violence that erupted in the Bosnian town of Mostar after Spain defeated Croatia.

Since Bosnia's 1992-95 war Mostar is ethnically divided in a Bosnian Croat part and a Muslim part. Bosnian Croat football fans always cheer on the national team of Croatia, while Muslims generally support their opponents.

Late Monday, after the match played in Gdansk, Poland, some 200 people, mainly youngsters, dressed in Croatia's red and white chequered national colours, headed towards the Muslim-inhabited part of the southern town, FENA news agency reported.

As police stopped them they started to throw stones. Police had to use teargas disperse the crowd. The hooligans damaged a police car and set fire to several trash containers.

Source: AFP