Croatia risk wrath again over fans behaviour

18 June 2012 08:48

After a fine from UEFA for crowd trouble at their opening match with Ireland, and amid a probe over racism during their game with Italy, Croatia could be back in the dock after fans hurled a flare in their final group fixture with Spain.

Adding to the danger, the flare was thrown by fans in an upper stand onto fellow Croatia supporters down below, forcing the latter to scramble clear.

Stewards in the Gdansk Arena rushed to remove the burning device from the crowd, as smoke curled over the Croatian net, with German referee Wolfgang Stark calling a brief halt to the match.

On Friday, Croatia were fined 25,000 euros ($31,400, 20,000 pounds) because their fans had lit flares and let off smoke bombs to celebrate goals in the 3-1 win in the Polish city of Poznan the previous Sunday.

Source: AFP