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Crewe v Barnet - Head to Head.


06 Mar 2010 13:27:43

Crewe v Barnet - Head to Head.

League History of fixtures between the two clubs. At Crewe Alex. (2)At Barnet (3)ResultsTotal%ResultsTotal%Crewe Alex.2100.00Barnet133.33Barnet00.00Crewe Alex.266.67Draws00.00Draws00.00GoalsTotalAv.pgGoalsTotalAv.pgCrewe Alex.73.50Barnet82.67Barnet10.50Crewe Alex.113.67On Neutral Ground (0)Overall (5 matches)ResultsTotal%ResultsTotal%Crewe Alex.00.00Crewe Alex.480.00Barnet00.00Barnet120.00Draws00.00Draws00.00GoalsTotalAv.pgGoalsTotalAv.pgCrewe Alex.00.00Crewe Alex.183.60Barnet00.00Barnet91.80RecordsHighest Aggregate11Barnet 4 - 7Crewe Alex.1991/1992 Highest Crewe Alex. score:7Barnet 4 - 7Crewe Alex.1991/1992 Highest Barnet score:4Barnet 4 - 7Crewe Alex.1991/1992 SeasonDateHomeScoreAwayCompetition 2009/2010Sat 12 DecBarnet1 - 2Crewe Alex.League Two 1992/1993Sat 08 MayCrewe Alex.4 - 1BarnetLeague Division Three Sat 31 OctBarnet3 - 2Crewe Alex.League Division Three 1991/1992Thu 26 DecCrewe Alex.3 - 0BarnetFourth Division Sat 17 AugBarnet4 - 7Crewe Alex.Fourth Division


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